About Us

Nebraska Nail Institute is dedicated to quality education, teaching Nail Technology with course management study in a hands-on learning facility for men and women interested in the Nail Industry. 


“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today” – Malcom X


Meet Jennifer

Jennifer has 30 years salon experience as a nail tech and cosmetologist. She currently teaches nail technology, and still works in the salon doing hair and nail services. In 1989 Jennifer achieved her Nebraska Cosmetology license at Xenon International Academy in Omaha Nebraska. Then, in 2015 she earned her Nebraska instructor license for Nail Technology at College of nails in Omaha Nebraska. Jennifer has been an educator for several nail companies throughout her career. Jennifer currently resides in North Platte Nebraska with her husband Chris of 25 years and their two beloved dogs.

Areas of Study

Students will learn all scopes of practice in nail technology during their training at Nebraska Nail Institute. Course studies with Milady’s standard Nail Technology, (7th edition) includes manicures, pedicures, acrylic application/maintenance.. hard-gels and fiberglass applications/maintenance, Gel-polish application/art procedures, sculptured French acrylic nails, E-file techniques for all skills, tip application, and art design. Added to this program are Dip nails and Polygel enhancements. The possibilities and learning experiences are endless at Nebraska Nail Institute, with TV and internet access, this allows us to stream live webinars from major nail companies and YouTube videos ONLY from professional nail companies such as Young Nails, and leading nail professionals in this industry. Students will learn the physical application, but also the theory studies such as nail structure, nail diseases and disorders, chemistry, product chemistry, anatomy, basic electricity, salon business and more.

We want you to have a thorough understanding of how and why your products work pertaining to nail technology. Safety, sanitation and disinfection laws play a very important part in your daily procedures and expected to be practiced 100% at all times. No exceptions. Each student will receive a master nail kit containing all products and implements required to perfect your skill with Milady text books to study nail technology. (These are yours to keep upon completion of the program.)

Each student is issued a nail table with a lock key to store your supplies. Nebraska Nail Institute also supplies each table with essentials, LED nail light, and a professional E-file. (These items will remain at NNI)

With 300 hours required for certificate, students will complete program in 3-4 months with confidence and skill to provide salon nails services to clients